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Create New project

Go to Your pojects and click New project.
Use a file source you already published on Google Play, Github,, Google Drive
Say few words about this game, how to play and controlls.
You can copy and pase a game description from your game page with CSS formating.
Or create a new one from scratch using WYSIWYG editor.

Upload a cover picture

Use your Cover Image from
PNG, JPG or GIF image 315x250 pixels, 512kB.
Larger image will be cropped, smaller filled with black background.
There is no scaling.
For animated GIFs, make sure your image has correct dimensions already in order to animate.

Fill playtest requirements

Describe what should be tested and how.
If you have any specific questions write them here.
Save your project.

Publishing the game

Once a game project is succesfully created, you can publish it for a playtest.
Click Publish button to make your game appear in Browse games section.
From here, any user can select it for a playtest.


If someone started playtesting your game, you will see it in the In section.
Status of started playtest is NEW or DRAFT with the In progess.
When your feedback is ready, you will see a READY status and Show button.
You can now open a playtest.
Accept it if everything's OK.
Your playtester will be rewarded with one point.

Opening every new feedback requires 1 point.
If you can't open a playtest due to 0 points on your account, go and playetest some other game.
Once you finish a playtest and games author accepts it, you earn 1 point.

The more you playtest for others, the more feedback for your project becomes available.

How to test a game?

You don't have to upload anything in order to playtest games.
You can playtest any game that targets your device.
Select any game you like, check if you can meet a playtest requirements.
Click Playtest this game!
Spend at least 30 mins playing game.
Write quality feedback, answer questions, share your thoughts.
For every accepted playest you will be rewarded 1 point that can be used
to playtest your future projects.


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