What is test4test.io?

It's a playtesting platform and feedback analytics tool.
Learn what others think about your project by getting regular feedback through whole development process.
Analyse the data and produce a successfull game.

How it works?
Do you want someone to playtest your game and give you a quality feedback?
Just do the same thing in return.

For every playtest you make for other developers - one's for you.
You can submit any game for free and have it playtested.
Just playtest some other game and write good, detailed feedback.
Register and complete your profile, find a game that targets your hardware and playtest it.
Spend at least an hour of uninterrupted playing.
Write a review. Answer provided questions, rate and share your thoughts.
For every complete playtest you will get one back.
Use it to playtest your project.
Repeat until game is ready.
All free.


Beta vesion
Test4test.io is still under development. It's not a final product yet.
Therefore some features may not be complete or work as expected.
If you think this idea is worth the effort and you want to contrubute,
or have comments, suggestions, bug reports or any thought at all,
you are welcome to contact me:


For bug report visit github:

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