version: 1.12

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category: puzzle, brain teasers
published: 19-12-2017
playtested: 1 times




Alt-G is a lateral thinking puzzle game like no other.
Think outside the box and discover ridiculous solutions to well-known mini-games.

Solve intriguing brain riddles by playing with all the features in your phone: smile-recognition, voice-recognition, handwriting-recognition, sensors, multi-touch, mic, camera and more!

Try these tricky tests and get your creativity IQ certificate!

- Each level is an original mini-game and new levels added all the time
- Play with your face, smile, voice, fingers, mouth, earphones and more!
- Use your coins to unlock hints or the special "white flag" to help you in case you are stuck. You’ll be able to play all levels for free!
- Complete the game and get a certificate with your Creative IQ level to compare with your friends
- Unlock all achievements and submit your score on Play Game Services

Pick up and play with all the features in your phone. Think lateral!

The game was developed by a single indie developer (that’s me!). If you like the puzzles, please rate it, leave a comment or suggest a new level!
You can get all the details on the website or in Twitter @altapp

Playtest requirements:

- Install on any Android phone

- Try to solve as much levels as you can

- Try to find any weird or inconsistent behavior


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