Jet Dancer
version: 1.00

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category: Action Platformer
published: 10-12-2017
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Hello, I've been an absentee member of this forum for ages but I felt compelled to come back and see if I could get any feedback for a game that I've been working on for what seems like time immemorial. It's called "Jet Dancer", based on a comic/pinup girl/superheroine of my own design, a platform action game somewhat inspired by games like Rocket Knight Adventures, Mega Man X, and a little-known game called Kick Master, among other things.

It's controlled by keyboard or gamepad (XBox controller), the latter being recommended.

I know very little about making a polished game and this demo basically focuses on testing mechanics, animations and and visuals. Any feedback at all would be appreciated.

Playtest requirements:

Any feedback at all would be appreciated.


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