Totem Spirits
version: 1.05

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category: Puzzle
published: 07-12-2017
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Take a journey full of puzzles, use your logic, solve all challenges and return harmony to the world!
Totem Spirits is a puzzle game wherein your goal is to put totems on their places, using the logic as well as ancient mechanisms.

History of the game
The game takes place 1000 years after the beginning of the "Soulless century" - the era of atheism and the heyday of industrial society. Mankind has ceased to appreciate the nature and deities that once guarded this world, fell asleep. However humanity continues to live, most of the planet is emptied and lifeless.
Igo, a boy from a small village, starts his challenging journey to awaken ancient gods and return people's love to nature. In order to complete his mission, he needs to release many small spirits asleep in totems.

- Explore four locations and 80 unique levels
- On the way of the hero there are many challenges, help him to solve them all
- Complex and intricate logical sequences will cause your brain to work hard
- Collect the diamonds to unlock next worlds
- Excellent graphics and amazing soundtrack
- Lovely totems

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