Slack balll
version: 1.0

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category: CASUAL, endless runner
published: 04-10-2017
playtested: 0 times




Swipe to Jump.

Casual endless runner with  minimalistic programmer art graphics. Your goal is to get as far as you can and not to fall off. 


touchscreen of you device and finger

Swipe RIGHT and UP.

Start from left lower corner and go upper right.

An angle and a distance of a swipe makes the jump higher or lower, closer or further. For a little jump swipe a little. To jump over large gap or two platforms at a time, swipe across whole screen.  

Swipe starts from a 'backgrund' not from the ball. 

Don't place your finger over the ball,

Place your finger anywhere to the left from the ball and then swipe right-up.

My personal record is 25 so don't worry if you score 3-4.  

I can make it a bit easier. Either that or some warm-up level could be usefull. 

Let me know what do you think.

Ending Credits song by Girl Music Music!

Here is also an page:


Playtest requirements:

See if you can score more than 10 points. Looks like difficulty level is fairly high. It's very hard to score more than 20 points, although it's not getting any faster or anything. Challenging gameplay is what makes me want to try again, but many people find this frustrating. Also please check if everything looks and scales ok on your device. Some features are still mockups. Don't mind about these.


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